How to Get Your Roof Ready for Winter

How to Get Your Roof Ready for Winter

Facing the wintertime in Canada is no joke. From cold weather to harsh storms and snow, our homes and roofs especially can take a beating during the winter months. However, instead of worrying about wintertime damage, Influence Roofing is here to help you prepare your home’s roof for winter this year and protect your roof throughout the colder season!


Remove Potential Debris

During the winter months, harsh weather can take a toll on the plant life around your home, too. That means that trees can become a hazard to your roof with branches that are low hanging or unhealthy. Before winter hits, be sure to trim back your trees and ensure that nothing is hanging over your home’s roof that could potentially fall and cause damage.


Clear Your Gutters

Branches aren’t the only hazard trees present to your home’s roof! Leaves, pinecones, and other natural debris can build up in your home’s gutters, which can in turn cause water to pool at the edges of your roof and cause damage to your home. Contact Influence Roofing to learn more about our top-quality eavestrough cleaning service to ready your roof for wintertime!


Get an Inspection

If you’re unsure about whether your roof is sound and ready for winter, a great way to ensure that everything is in top condition is to get a roof inspection! Residential roofing companies offer inspections to help homeowners see if they need any roof repair services or other services before their home gets damaged from winter weather.


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If you’re looking for a residential roofing company to help you prepare your roof for the winter, Influence Roofing is here to help! With top-quality roof repair services, eavestrough cleaning services, and so much more, we’re the premier choice for homeowners in Ottawa.

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