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About Influence Roofing

We believe in a roof over your head, no matter what kind of roof it is. When Ottawa storms rage, it’s even more important that you have quality, respectful, and skilled professionals working on your home’s most vital component — its roof. That’s why we work on asphalt roofs, flat roofs, metal roofs, and eavestroughs on residential and commercial properties for fair prices, with a professional attitude and dedication to all things that protect you from Ottawa’s famous winter storms or its scorching summers.

Our services are community-first focused, and our customers love what we do. We listen to our clients on every project and use only the highest-quality materials to do our work because you and your home deserve better than a shoddy roof and another expensive, time-consuming fix. We’re changing the roofing landscape in Ottawa with our professionalism and our guarantee that we’ll improve your home’s value, safety, and looks. We’re the future of roofing, today.

Don’t settle for structure damage or water rot in your expensive investment because of your hail or weather-damaged roof. Don’t settle for fly-by-night roofing companies that employ no-name contractors. We’re a step above your traditional residential roofing company. We’re willing to climb the ladder, endure the sweltering heat or the blustering wind, and listen to your wants and needs because we believe in integrity, and in working with roofers you can trust.

Work with Influence Roofing and see how we treat each home as our own. Call us today.



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